A downloadable asset pack

A tileset based on the identity for the 2019 Now Play This festival. Use them to make a game. A videogame ...or any other kind of game. 

The tiles are 128x128px and there are 60 in total, composed into a 768x1280px atlas. There is a white on transparency version which should help if for some reason you want to recolour them. There is also an example image.

The symbols on the tiles are all derived from real life. They include Zenner cards, electrical engineering symbols, playing card suits, chess symbols, American hobo graffiti, dice faces, arrows and medieval symbols for the seasons. Enjoy.

Designed by Richard Hogg

Thanks to Matheson Marcault for letting me be part of their incredible festival and Adam Saltsman for advice and encouragement.

This tileset is available for use under an Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) licence.



NPT_tileset_alpha.png 128 kB
NPT_tileset.png 617 kB
NPT_tilesetExample.png 883 kB

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